The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials

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Professional Societies and Institutions in Korea
The Corrosion Science Society of Korea http://www.corrosionkorea.org
The Korean Society for Resources Recycling https://www.kirr.or.kr
The Korea Welding and Joining Society http://www.kwjs.or.kr
The Korea Institute of Surface Engineering https://www.kisehome.or.kr
The Korean Society for Composite Materials https://www.kscm.re.kr
The Korean Magnetics Society https://www.magnetics.or.kr
The Korea Foundry Society http://www.kfs.or.kr
The Korean Society For Technology of Plasticity http://www.kstp.or.kr
The Materials Research Society of Korea http://www.mrs-k.or.kr
The Korean Ceramic Society https://kcers.or.kr
The Korean Society for Heat Treatment http://www.ksht.or.kr
Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute http://kpmi.or.kr
Research Institute in Korea
Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials https://www.kimm.re.kr
Korea Institute of Materials Science https://www.kims.re.kr
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science https://www.kriss.re.kr
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute https://www.etri.re.kr
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information https://www.kisti.re.kr
Korea Institute of Science and Technology https://www.kist.re.kr
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology https://www.kitech.re.kr
Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology http://www.rist.re.kr
Agency for Defense Development https://www.add.re.kr
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute https://www.kaeri.re.kr
Korea Aerospace Research Institute https://www.kari.re.kr
Korea Electronics Technology Institute https://www.keti.re.kr
Korea Institute of Energy Research https://www.kier.re.kr
Related Foundations and Organizations in Korea
The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies https://www.kofst.or.kr
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning https://www.kistep.re.kr
Korea Iron and Steel Association http://www.kosa.or.kr
The Global Network of Korean Scientists and Engineers https://www.kosen21.org
Korean Academy of Science and Technology https://kast.or.kr/kr
Korea Industrial Technology Association https://www.koita.or.kr
The Korean Professional Engineer Association https://www.kpea.or.kr
Korea Engineering and Consulting Association http://www.kenca.or.kr
International Societies and Institutions
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society https://www.tms.org
The Japan Institute of Metals https://jim.or.jp
Chinese Society of Metals http://www.csm.org.cn
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Materialkunde e.V. https://dgm.de
Federation of European Materials Societies https://www.fems.org
Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining https://www.iom3.org
Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy https://www.ausimm.com
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers https://www.ieee.org
American Society for Testing and Materials https://www.astm.org
Materials Research Society https://www.mrs.org
The American Ceramic Society https://ceramics.org
The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity http://www.jstp.jp
American Society of Mechanical Engineers https://www.asme.org